Decentralized Media
The audio and image files that power lucid.haus are stored on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), which means no central entity controls the availability of the data. Yay!
Artist Owned Distribution and Control
Every song and video is an ERC-1155 Multi-Token Smart Contract, deployed on Zora Network. We used Zora's implementation of an ERC-1155, which can be created for free at zora.co.

Each artist's wallet owns the Smart Contract for their songs and videos. They control the distribution, they control if, and when, and at what price, and how much, to sell their art for; and their wallet directly receives payment for tokens sold in the form of Ether (ETH), digital, global money.
Online => Onchain
We believe in the power of blockchains, specifically Ethereum and its ecosystem, as a promising solution to adequately and equitably value music and pay artists!

To own our artists art forever, you can collect their work by minting it! just look for this button.


Each song is priced at 0 ETH with a Zora Protocol Reward Fee of .000777ETH ~$1.40. This reward is equitably split between the artists, the lucidhaus, and Zora.
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